Prescription Management Solutions

Solutions to help reduce the cost of prescription medication

Rising prescription costs have created an opportunity to create innovative ways for employees and employers to save on prescription medication. NBP offers several unique solutions that can help navigate the challenges of rising prescription drug costs.

Consumers are constantly being bombarded with loss leaders, low cost promises on one medication, just to be overcharged on another. Insurance plans have recently re-structured co-payments and tiered prescription levels that are unfavorable to consumers. Our providers shop and compare all national retailers and online services to find you the lowest price options and let you decide.

More than a Discount Card

Discount cards may offer reduced drug prices, but it’s hard to know how much you’ll save. These cards have to pay a “middleman,” which increases each drug’s cost. Our solutions have pre-negotiated, extremely low, no “middleman” pharmacy prices so you get the best price.

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