About NBP

National Benefit Partners is an independent marketing organization
for voluntary employee benefits and worksite insurance programs

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We work with an elite group of member firms, known as Allied Distributors, serving them as a single point of contact for select insurance carriers.

In addition to developing “Best in Class” insurance products, NBP supports Allied Distributors with underwriting, administration and consolidated billing services.

NBP prides itself on superior professional customer service that is personalized to every Allied Distributor.

Is NBP a Managing General Agent?

NBP is not a Managing General Agent (MGA).  Instead, we serve as a key distribution channel for our Allied Carriers who contract directly with our Allied Distributors at the highest commission levels.

What are the commissions?

Regardless if it’s a new contract or existing one, the partnership with NBP earns the Allied Distributors 100% of the highest commission level from the first dollar of production. This includes all carrier incentives such as trips, bonuses, stock options, and more.

How are carriers selected?

NBP serves as a “Super” regional office for multiple carriers. We go to market to get the best underwriting, handle the product proposals, sales support, training, problem resolution, and more. The combined production from our Allied Distributors creates significant market leverage that leads to optimal contracts and underwriting.

What is your service model?

NBP’s service model is to provide one dedicated source for every ten Allied Distributors. This ensures that their Allied Distributors get professional prompt service for all their marketing needs.

NBP also has direct access to carriers’ senior and executive level management, as well as dedicated underwriting and service teams.

As the market continues to grow, new products and services are constantly being created.

It takes a team to stay on top of the market to identify trends, find products, and perform due diligence on them to ensure that the services you offer your clients are best-in-class, financially stable and, most importantly, provide a benefit to your client’s employees.

At NBP we research the market and identify those companies and trends and bring our producers the latest and greatest products to set them apart from their competition.

Our Service Model

Sales & Marketing Support:

  • Strategizes with Allied Distributor on what the best products, plan designs, and carriers are for each opportunity.
  • Goes to market to secure the best underwriting, pricing, and compensation available; Including technology and value-add subsidies.
  • Provides Allied Distributor with product education, positioning, and comparisons to help close business.
Case Implementation Support:

  • Coordinates case set-up and implementation workflow with carriers from start to finish.
  • Coordinates carrier contracting for all parties involved.
  • Coordinates with and recommends, when needed, ben admin platforms and enrollment resources.
  • Strategizes and helps formulate the enrollment communication and marketing strategy.
  • Assists with customized marketing collateral and all other enrollment supplies.
  • Coordinates and provides training for all products and services.
  • Reviews applications taken for accuracy and completeness.
  • “Quarterbacks” all aspects of carrier communication and provides ongoing support to ensure business gets issued in a timely matter.
Ongoing Client Service Support:

  • Runs point on any billing or service issue the client may have.
  • Leverages our dedicated carrier representatives for quick resolution.
  • Supports the Allied Distributor in their overall backend office needs.