Identity Theft Protection

The Voluntary Benefit that Employees Want and Need

In today’s interconnected world, employees are genuinely concerned about becoming victims of identity theft. LifeLock identity theft protection provides employees with peace of mind knowing that a professional service is vigilantly monitoring their personal information 24/7/365.

LifeLock offers two levels of protection

Your clients can offer employees the flexibility to choose the level of protection that meets their needs at a special employee benefit rate.

  • LifeLock Identity Theft Protection – helps proactively safeguard personal information and alerts members of potential threats.*
  • LifeLock Ultimate™ service – the most comprehensive identity theft protection ever created and even includes monitoring of new and existing checking and savings accounts.*

LifeLock is the Industry Leader

From its inception, LifeLock was created to help stop identity theft. Today, as the industry leader,
LifeLock provides the most comprehensive protection, award-winning member service and protects
the personal information of millions of members.

  • LifeLock offers the most comprehensive identity theft protection, constantly scaning billions of data points,searching for potentially fraudulent activity.
  • Law enforcement agencies and victim advocacy groups seek the expertise of LifeLock, which has conducted extensive training about identity theft prevention for over 1,000 law enforcement agencies.
  • In 2012, Javelin Strategy & Research named LifeLock Ultimate™ service “Best in Class Overall” and “Best in Detection” in identity theft protection solutions.
  • The LifeLock ID Network is the only crossindustry compilation of identity information in the U.S. It’s used and trusted by six of the top 10 financial services companies, three of thetop four wireless carriers, the Social Security Administration and other identity theft protection services.

*Network does not cover all transactions and scope may vary.