Legal Access Plans

A network ready to match you with the right legal attorney along with benefits to offset legal costs.

When the need for legal help arises, finding an attorney and preparing for a legal matter can be time consuming and stressful. Having a Legal Access Plan gives peace of mind knowing that a network of providers stand ready to match you with the right attorney for your particular situation and location. In addition, plan benefits help offset the costs of legal fees and expenses, which can otherwise range in the thousands of dollars.

Wide Range of Legal Benefit Products Available

Family Legal Protection Plan – extend benefit coverage to families which include discounts, flat rates and covered services for common legal needs, such as reviewing legal documents, wills, traffic tickets, divorce, Chapter 7 bankruptcy and regular incorporation.

Insured Worksite Plans – plans connect members with attorneys for most common personal legal matters and pays attorney fees.

Employee Assistance Plans (EAP) – For employers with various levels of service and coverage to match the needs of the organization.

Optional inclusion of LifeLock and other identity monitoring services.

Exceptional Attorney Network

Our Legal Access Plans draw from a network or attorney and law firm providers that help your employees obtain professional, experienced advice and legal services when they face a personal legal problem. Our network is focused on:

  • Attorneys with years of training and experience in the legal matter needed

  • Lawyers who are service-oriented and provide quality consultations

  • Lawyers of exceptional backgrounds and have a solid reputation in their community

  • Attorneys with years of courtroom and trial experience

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