Discount Dental Plans

Save money at the dentist while enjoying the same quality dental care.

Discount Dental Plans are not dental insurance, but provide an easy way to save money at the dentist’s office. By joining a dental plan, you gain access to a network of dental offices who have agreed to offer a wide range of dental procedures at a significant discount. Discount dental plan members save on preventive treatments like cleanings and x-rays, and on major treatments like root canals and bridges.

When you become a member of a discount dental plan, you’ll pay the dentist directly when you go in for your appointment, but at a discounted rate. You don’t need to worry about filling out complex paperwork or waiting for reimbursements.

Discount dental plans are great options for people who:

  • Do not belong to an exclusive organization
  • Do not have dental coverage through an employer
  • Have immediate dental needs
  • Have reached the annual limit for another dental program
  • Have prior dental conditions