Cancer Insurance

Cancer Insurance can help cover the costs that traditional medical insurance does not cover
Supplemental insurance for Cancer and 20 specified diseases, including Muscular Dystrophy, Poliomyelitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Encephalitis, Rabies, Tetanus, Typhoid Fever, Bubonic Plague, Tuberculosis, Osteomyelitis, Diphtheria, Scarlet Fever, Epidemic Cerebrospinal Meningitis, Undulant Fever, Sickle Cell Anemia, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Smallpox, Addison’s Disease, Hansen’s Disease, Tularemia.

Cancer and specified disease benefits can help cover the costs of specific treatments and expenses as they happen. Terms and conditions for each benefit will vary.

Benefits covered by the policy include:

  • Hospitalization Related Benefits: Continuous Hospital Confinement; Extended Benefits; Government or Charity Hospital; Private Duty Nursing Services; Extended Care Facility; At Home Nursing; and Hospice Care
  • Radiation and Chemotherapy Benefits: Radiation and Chemotherapy; and Blood, Plasma and Platelets.
  • Surgery and Related Benefits: Surgery; Anesthesia; Ambulatory Surgical Center; Second Surgical Opinion; and Bone Marrow or Stem Cell Transplant
  • Miscellaneous Benefits: Inpatient Drugs and Medicine; Physician’s Attendance; Ambulance; Non-local Transportation; Outpatient Lodging; Family Member Lodging and Transportation; Physical or Speech Therapy; New or Experimental Treatment; Prosthesis; Comfort/Anti-Nausea; and Waiver of Premium.

In most states, additional optional benefits can be added, including Cancer Screening Benefit, Cancer Initial Diagnosis Benefit, and Intensive Care Benefit

Key Features

  • Coverage for cancer and 20 other specified diseases
  • Benefits that are paid in addition to any other insurance
  • Can be used for non-medical expenses health insurance might not cover
  • Guaranteed renewable for life, subject to change in premiums by class
  • Premiums do not increase due to age
  • Waiver of premium after 90 days of disability due to cancer for as long as primary insured’s disability lasts

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