Pictured left to right: Ken Dunham, VP Human Resources, Rogers-O’Brien; Sandy Tarpley, Senior VP, National Benefit Partners; Rick Hawkins, President, Universal Benefits Company; Audra Cozart, Corporate Partnerships Officer, Children’s Medical Center Foundation.

Since 1969, Rogers-O’Brien Construction has firmly established itself as a premier builder in Texas by providing a wide range of pre-construction and construction management services. Their unique approach consistently delivers high quality buildings in a variety of market sectors, exceeding the most demanding expectations. Rogers-O’Brien is family-owned, and the family attitude extends throughout our strong management team, many of whom rose up through the ranks to management. Our offices in Austin, Dallas and Houston, have also actively recruited a forward-thinking new generation to energize us with knowledge of new tools, techniques and approaches to continually improve the way we deliver services. This controlled growth approach has resulted in $1.5 billion in construction volume over the past five years. Ken Dunham commented “I recently took a tour of the Children’s Health Dall as campus and was thrilled with how much they are doing to impact children’s lives, not only medically, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually. At Rogers-O’Brien, we talk a lot about our employees giving ‘discretionary’ effort, the effort people give because they want to, beyond what’s expected due to a paycheck. It doesn’t take long to see that Children’s Health is working out of that same discretionary ‘want to’ effort. While we have partnered with Children’s over the years in construction projects, together – UBC, Rogers-O’Brien, and NBP are looking forward to extending that relationship even further. “Benefits That Benefit Children is a cause marketing program developed by National Benefit Partners. This program creates contributions for Children’s Medical Center Foundation though voluntary benefits offerings. There is no cost to the employee or employer. The donation is created by a reduction in market allowance and commission by the carriers LifeLock and Legal Access, National Benefit Partners, and the agent, Rick Hawkins, Universal Benefit Company