Make Me Feel Good…about my not so good health insurance

. Good, even great, health insurance is a perk of a good job with a good company but more and more this is not the case.   Many people are experiencing more out of pocket expenses since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Policies now have much higher deductibles, and, in some cases, more shared […]

Is Your Healthcare Unaffordable?

I just read “Season’s Greetings, From Obamacare” in US News, another article about the new, not so happy season, when people learn how much their healthcare costs are increasing next year. The author shares the details of the 28% increase in her Bronze plan insurance policy for her and her husband with an $11,000 deductible. […]

Critical Illness-Why People Need It Now

There is a great deal of focus on voluntary benefits, but there may be confusion on what benefits are needed. There is an interest in covering healthcare events not covered by the higher deductible health care policies. One policy everyone should consider is Critical Illness. Did you know sales of critical illness policies are up […]

October Newsletter

Check out the NBP October Newsletter.  Great articles and new product information!


As you sit down to discuss enrollment strategies with your clients, you’re facing some significant hurdles: Employees. It’s no secret that employees find insurance daunting. They can get overwhelmed and confused, and oftentimes inertia and procrastination win over action. It’s important to remove factors like procrastination, choice overload, perceived hassle costs and more, so we can […]

A New Era in Telemedicine

This year telemedicine reached two important milestones.  Early this year CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) issued a provider code allowing medical practitioners to bill for telemedicine services for patients with chronic conditions. This week  Teladoc (NYSE: TDOC), the nation’s first and largest telehealth platform crossed an industry milestone with the completion of its […]

Cadillac Tax and Voluntary Benefits

The Kaiser Family Foundation estimates more than one in four employers offering health benefits could be subject to the Cadillac Plan tax in 2018, unless they make changes to their plans.  Also, they estimate that this number could grow to up to 30% in 2023 and 42% in 2028.  The use of voluntary/supplemental health plans, […]

Shift Shapers Podcast Part 2: VB in the Large Case Market

On this second part look at voluntary benefits; National Benefit Partners does a podcast with David Saltzman on what the voluntary benefits marketplace looks like in the large group marketplace. They discuss how large groups have used voluntary benefits in the past and how new benefits are coming to market. They also explore how PPACA has accelerated the interest in […]

Shift Shapers Podcast Part 1: VB in the Small to Mid Case Market

NBP’s new division for the small case market, eVolve Marketplace, did a podcast with David Saltzman on what the voluntary benefits marketplace looked like just a few years ago and how it has evolved in the recent years. They discussed the key role of technology and what benefits advisors need to know to be able to […]

RxCut – the equalizer in Health Care

NBP has recently partnered with RxCut to provide a no cost prescription discount card that can save up to 75% on prescription. The FREE RxCut® prescription savings card provides cardholders access to the absolute lowest price on their generic prescriptions; whether it’s the RxCut® discounted price, your insurance copayment or the pharmacy cash price. Start […]